The ways children learn new things and become interactive to surroundings describe their Intellectual development. The main thing that supplements their cognitive development is their surroundings and activities. 

Children develop different intellects at every stage of life, so as a parent you can always set up active learning for your child. Children learn quicker when they observe, so encouraging them through your acts and simple activities may better develop their concentration, memory, and perception.

By incorporating these simple activities into your routine, you can better develop your child’s cognitive skills. 

Sing Nursery Rhymes

You can stimulate the intellects of memory and word identification simply by singing some rhymes or playing songs. When you start singing, you will notice that the child tries to sing himself and copies you. And this regular action may help them memorize the rhyme and words. 

Noise recognition

You can help them recognize simple noises they hear every day as the chirping of birds, the voice of pets, running water, horn, and others. Relating sounds to objects will help them identify objects too.

Play Alphabet puzzles

You can show your child the alphabet book, play with alphabet puzzles and sing the alphabet song. So, from the early learning phase, they become familiar with alphabetical sounds. You can also buy some bright colorful toys and letters and help them recognize colors and starting sounds. 

Rehearse Counting

Try to practice counting whenever suitable, simply you can help them count the toys, pair of shoes when you dress them up, and other related things while they play outdoor. You will see that sooner they will start counting their different stuff.   

Child Intellectual Development

Identifying Shapes and Colors

Since you can practice counting and alphabets, you can also help them identify colors respective to their toys and surroundings. Interaction with knowledge is helpful for children like “round red ball” or “green square box” and other different things associating colors and shapes. 

Let them choose 

Offering choices to your child is always helpful since they feel more intelligent and independent, it builds their confidence too, as we discussed in our blog, “Bring out the best in your child.” Offer simple choices when you dress up the child, time of lunch or dinner, playing with the toys, or going out to place for an outing. 

Plan Trips

Visiting local places like the farmer’s market, museum, library, or amusement park may encourage their ability to ask questions and discover more. They learn new things as they see you doing, which may be a little adventurous and interest them in a knowledgeable conversation as well. Listen to their questions and ask more questions to their responses.

Play different Games 

Offering children, a variety of games may help in building their problem-solving skills. For younger children, peek-a-Boo, I spy, and playing with building blocks is one of the best activities. For young children, other indoor games like puzzles, hide and seek, and Musical chairs may keep them busy and active mentally and physically. You will soon find indications of intellectual development in your child. Aside from the activities above, early learning is crucial children need a specific curriculum that focuses on emotional, physical, mental, social, lingual, communication, and creational aspects. At our daycare, we provide such routines that incorporate healthy activities, under the supervision of a qualified team, children make each day to its fullest. Schedule a tour to find out how kids spent their day at our campus!